What is Autism? (and how to explain it simply to others)

8pm-9pm Monday 28th March (Melbourne, GMT+11)

The textbooks say autism is a pervasive neurodevelopmental condition… but what does that mean? What is a ‘spectrum’ anyway? And what does it look like in real life? In children? In adults?

This webinar will cover what you need to know to help support your autistic loved ones.

Discussion points include:

  • Common Misconceptions (What autism is and isn’t)
  • Developmental differences, sensory processing, and executive function
  • Understanding behaviour as communication (inc. meltdowns and anxiety)
  • How to talk to others about autism
  • Tips for advocating for yourself and/or your child

NOTE: This webinar is INTERACTIVE. This means you will be invited to respond to discussion questions, share your experience, give your opinion, and, of course, ask questions of your own! (all participation is voluntary)

Event Details:

Start Time: 8pm, Monday 28th March 2022, AEDT (i.e. Melbourne time, GMT+11)
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Duration: 60 mins
Includes interactive Q&A discussion via Zoom

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Meet Your Event Facilitator

Paul Micallef

Paul discovered he was on the Autism Spectrum at the age of 30. Since then he has worked with countless autistic adults and children, as well as teaching parents teachers and students about Autism. He is also an ex-aerospace engineer with a passion for teaching and Emotional Intelligence.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy this event!

If you're looking for more guidance getting started on your Autism journey, you may wish to take a look at our self-guided online course: Autism 101 For Busy Parents