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Shannan has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Australian National University and is completing a Masters Degree in Autism Studies at Griffith University. She has worked with national and multinational companies in the areas of business and process development, corporate training and mentoring over the past 15 years and was inspired to complete postgraduate study after her son was diagnosed with autism just prior to his 3rd birthday. Shannan is a full-time parent, carer, student and advocate, focusing on supporting parents, teachers and families in understanding and celebrating the diversity, skills, and talents of children on the autism spectrum.

Paul discovered he was on the Autism Spectrum 4 years ago. Since then he has worked with countless autistic adults and children, as well as teaching parents teachers and students about Autism. He is also an ex-aerospace engineer with a passion for teaching and Emotional Intelligence.

"Going through the lessons I gained so much knowledge about autism. The topics were well designed and well explained with very relevant examples illustrated. You will understand it easily even if you have no previous knowledge of autism."

- Suchita Thakkar, Masters in Psychology, counselling and psychotherapy

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